We have compiled a list of links to useful web sites that you may find useful while researching a home for a loved one.

These links are not affiliated with South Mountain Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

  AARP    www.aarp.com

  Agenet    www.agenet.com

  Alzheimer’s Association    www.alz.org

  American Arthritis    www.arthritis.org

  American Health Care Association    www.ahca.org

  BenefitsCheckUp    www.benefitscheckup.org

  Elderweb    www.elderweb.com

  HealthyNJ    www.healthynj.org

MedlinePlus    www.medlineplus.gov

Medicaid    www.cms.gov

Medicare    www.medicare.gov

National Council on the Aging    www.ncoa.org

SeniorClix.com    www.seniorclix.com

Senior Resource    www.seniorresource.com

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services www.hhs.gov

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